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Rare Rolex Submariner 5513 - Explorer Dial

Watch ID:16695-3061
Model Number:5513
Type:Mens collectible watch
Material:Stainless steel
Function:Time only
Comes With:
Price:Call for watch price
Status: SOLD

Matthew's Note

This is an incredible Rolex Submariner reference 5513 circa 1964 with the extremely rare gilt 369 explorer dial. Typically, this model comes with the normal Submariner dial with baton and triangular luminescent markers. To find an explorer style dial for a reference 5513 is very limited. This highly attractive gilt dial has a beautiful shine and some natural crazing which is typical for this dial. The luminescent markers are all very pleasing to the eye and original. Normally, the gilt dials on this model are in very poor condition with loss of shine and their luminescent material heavily damaged. Another rare feature of this dial is the underline marking below the name Submariner and the double tritium writing at the bottom of the dial below the 6 marker. To find such a good looking dial on this model with all these rare components is close to impossible. I believe this mint condition reference 5513 case has never been polished. Out of all the Rolex Submariners that have a 369 dial, the reference 5513 was the least produced.

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