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Grail Watch: Rolex GMT Master 6542

September 25, 2015

Rolex GMT Master reference 6542Today I found the best Rolex GMT reference 6542 I have ever seen. The reference 6542 is the first GMT Master ever produced, it featured a Bakelite bezel which is very fragile and rarely survived. I purchased the watch from the the son of the original owner who kept the it in a lead case since 1960 because he was scared of the radioactivity of the watch.

It is extremely rare to find an untouched Rolex GMT reference 6542 in this type of condition and with this type of story. The watch has never been opened and every part is 100% original including the crystal and oyster rivet band dated 1958. What an amazing find!!!

This watch belonged to Willard Mound, the gentleman who sued Rolex back in 1961 for exposing his family to deadly radiation. See article below:

Rolex radioactive watch lawsuit article