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August 14, 2014

Patek Philippe reference 2499

This is a second series rose gold Patek Philippe reference 2499 from 1950s which is extremely rare and considered to be the best design of all four series for this reference which was produced up to the 1980s. Until today, there are only five of these models known and maybe several more that have not surfaced. The Patek Philippe reference 2499 features a perpetual calendar moon phase and chronograph and is the most highly sought-after reference by Patek Philippe collectors all over the world. What stands out on the second series 2499, which the other series don't have, is the tachymeter scale on the dial which adds to an additional function and a beautiful design element to the watch.

Not only is this rose gold Patek Philippe reference 2499 extremely rare but it is in exceptional condition with an unpolished case and untouched dial, which is difficult to find for a watch that is over 50 years old. The case has its original definition with very deep hallmarks and razor sharp lugs which is highly important for the value of the 2499. Secondly, the dial is untouched and in superior condition with the original lacquer finish and beautiful high enamel relief for all the details of the letters and numerals. Many times these dials are cleaned but this one has never been touched and has beautiful patina. The movement is also mint with no scratches and proper functionality.

The 2499 was made for a 35 year period in which 349 pieces were produced, with a majority of them being produced in yellow gold. Therefore, the second series rose gold is one of the most important 2499 ever produced and is now available for sale on Matthew Bain inc. This is the first time a Patek Philippe of this importance has ever been for sale on any private web-page.

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