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Mido Powerwind Divers 1000 ft - Exotic Dial

Watch ID:18293-4053
Model:Powerwind Diver
Model Number:5907
Type:Mens vintage watch
Material:Stainless steel
Comes With:
Status: FOR SALE

Matthew's Note

This 1000 ft. Mido Rainbow Powerwind dive watch is the Mack Daddy of all the MIDOS! The vibrant and original colorful exotic dial is one of the finest out there! The various color scales represent compression rates in feet. The bezel is original and the watch still retains its original crystal with Mido in the center. This watch is all original and we like it just as it is. The watch we believe to be unpolished but has been worn and has normal surface wear for a watch of this age. The beautiful colorful dial is all original too but does have a flaw here and there. The lume is original but missing in one of the hands. We like this watch showing its age and originality as opposed to making a vintage watch look perfect and brand new. This is a wonderful all original piece of horological diver history.

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