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Endura Day-Date Circa 1970's

Watch ID:19908-3803
Model:Perpetual Calendar
Model Number:
Type:Mens vintage watch
Material:Stainless steel
Comes With:
Status: FOR SALE

Matthew's Note

This Endura wristwatch is marked Perpetual Calendar on the case back, but it is not really a perpetual calendar as we know it. The original 2 color dial with outer track featuring the days of the week and the original rotating calendar bezel displays the current date which you line up to the day. The top crown tightens the bezel to lock it in place and the bottom crown sets and winds the watch. This is not really a perpetual calendar but more of a unique Day-Date, it is a cool feature which is why it says Patent Pending Perpetual Calendar on the case back. The condition of this watch superb. Case looks to be unpolished with few minor normal wear scratches. This unusual watch is powered by a Caliber 425 manual wind movement and comes on a JB Champion beaded bracelet. We don't often see this watch with the red bezel and red accents as this one has. Neat watch with an appealing price tag.

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