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WW II Japanese Seikosha "Kamikaze" Watch

Watch ID:15284-2834
Brand:Seiko / Seikosha
Model:Military Pilot
Model Number:
Type:Mens vintage watch
Function:Time only
Condition Notes:The marks seen by the 1 o'clock are under the crystal not on the dial.
Comes With:
Price:Call for watch price
Status: SOLD

Matthew's Note

This is an amazing oversized Japanese military pilots watch from WWII made by Seikosha now known as Seiko. Prior to the Japanese surrender in 1945 Japanese Kamikazes pilots wore these watches on their 'last flights'. This is one of the reasons these watches are so rare as not many survived. These watches were made between the years 1940-1945 and were supplied to the Japanese Military. Like the German B-Uhr watch, these watches are oversized and meant to be worn over flight equipment. The large crown can be operated with think flight gloves on. What is unusual about these Japanese Seikosha Kamikaze watches is that they feature a turn-able bezel which was used to measure elapsed time during a flight mission. This watch is super rare and extremely hard to find. This watch was relumed probably back in the 40's as to protect again the radiation from the dial.

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