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Watch Buying at the 2016 Miami Beach Antique Show

February 6, 2016

I've exhibited at the Miami Beach Antique Show since 1991, because it's always a great venue for buying and selling watches. Dealers and collectors come from all over the world just to attend this show. I could feel a big buzz in the air this year as the watch dealers set up to buy and sell watches. There were many new dealers and collectors compared to previous years which made for a great selection of vintage and modern watches.

Below is small pictorial of the 2016 Miami Beach Antique Show:

Crowd outside opening day of Miami Beach Antique Show!

Matthew Bain (L) and Morgan Cardet (R)

Antique Buying


Vintage canes of for sale

A collection of Rolex Submariners


Morgan Cardet at our booth

Matt Bain and John Goldberger inspecting watches

Matt Bain and Corrado Mattarelli

Some modern Patek Philippe watches

Nice sampling of some vintage watches including two Lecoultre Polaris watches

Collector Wes Marshall with Matthew Bain

Andrew Shear and Matthew Bain

Morgan Cardet and The Davidoff Brothers

Matthew Bain with Italian dealer Giovanni Zavolta and John Goldberger in the booth

The action in front of our booth

Matthew Bain opening a Rolex for a client

Hiroshi and Kawase from Carese watches Japan

Seth Larrabure of Timeless Gallery

Andrew Shear of Sheartime and Eric Ku of 10past10

Greg Esses of Fabsuisse and Eugene Epstein of Times Past

Dealing with Zach Wagner

Another deal done...bam!

Collecting payment from Ed Faber of Aaron Faber Gallery

More Antiques from the Show