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Rare Rolex James Bond Ref. 6536

October 8, 2015

Rare Rolex James Bond Ref. 6536 SubmarinerThis week we were lucky enough to find the elusive Rolex Submariner reference 6536, an extremely rare James Bond variation. It is said approximately 100 pieces were produced and only for 1 year, 1955.

What makes this watch unique is that it is a "Small Crown James Bond" in the case of the 6538 "Big Crown James Bond". On the inside of the caseback the reference "6538" is crossed out and under it "6536" is printed. This would make sense as the 6536 is the first "Small Crown James Bond".

Another interesting characteristic is the "red" depth rating on the dial. The 6536 serial numbers range from 8912x – 8947x. The following year this model was replaced with the more common 6536-1. We were also lucky that this particular example is in top quality condition and has all its original features including the dial, case, movement, bezel and the rivet oyster band.

This rare vintage Rolex James Bond Ref. 6536 is for sale