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Barn Find: Universal Geneve Compax Exotic Model Ref 88510

November 08, 2018

universal geneve compaxThis barn find is the Universal Genève exotic model reference 885107 which is considered the Paul Newman of this series. While all the hype is on the Nina Rindt Compax Panda, the blue exotic model is a lot more rare and interesting.

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Barnyard Find: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Milspec

June 06, 2018

blancpain milspec The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Milspec is an elusive and incredibly rare watch. What makes this Milspec truly astonishing is it's unbelievable providence. The watch came from the original owner directly from the Navy in our home state of Florida. What could be better than a find like this?

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The Evolution of Vintage Watches Talk

May 10, 2018

Last week, Matt gave a talk to a select group for Citi Private Banking and watch collectors from the Miami area. The talk focused on how watch collecting has changed over time. The guests were guided through a brief history of watch collecting and an analysis on how fashion and style have lead to different trends in collecting.

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Patek Philippe Nautilus

April 05, 2018

The Patek Philippe Nautilus has always been a very popular model, but today it is the hottest it has ever been. The Patek Philippe reference 3700, which is the original model, was launched in 1976 and designed by Gerald Genta.

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Steel Chronographs

February 27, 2018

vintage steel chronograph watchesThe market for vintage steel chronographs is through the roof. Here we take a look at several steel chronograph watches that are not yet cult classics but have all the guts to be truly collectable timepieces.

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The Newman Discussion

December 21, 2017

The Newman Discussion

For years, Paul Newman dials have been the craze of vintage Rolex collecting and we finally got to see the actual watch that belonged to the man who the watch was named after. Rolex Daytona Prices have been rising tremendously over the years, and this auction set precedent for a world record price for a any wristwatch let alone a Rolex. Join us for a review of the sale and get the inside scoop on how we see the watch market react to this unbelievable result.

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Rolex Chronograph Reference 6238

September 20, 2017

This is a 14k gold Rolex reference 6238 chronograph from the early 1960s, known as the pre-Daytona. The pre-Daytona came out in about 1960/1961 about the same time as the Rolex Daytona reference 6239 and was only produced for a short period of time. The pre-Daytona is considered the least produced water resistant chronograph made between 1960 until to today.

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The Italian Experience 2017 Fashion Week

March 15, 2017

italian watch dealers

Join us as we take you on a tour of the Italian watch buying experience, in Milan during Fashion Week and at the 2017 Parma Antique Fair.

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2016 Watch Collector Summit Bal Harbour Shops

December 01, 2016

Audemars Piguet storefront

Join us for a recap of the Watch Collector's Summit at Bal Harbour Shops.

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Rolex "Jean-Claude Killy" Reference 6036 Grail Watch

July 29, 2016

11950s rolex datacompax ref. 6036This is one of the most complicated chronographs made by Rolex in the 1950's and considered to be a grail amongst Rolex aficionados. This particular Rolex watch is in excellent condition with an original dial with beautiful patina. The watch was purchased from the estate of the original owner, has never been in auction and is fresh to market.

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Grail Watch: Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513 Military Watch

July 20, 2016

1970s rolex submariner ref 5513In early to mid 1970s, Great Britain used the Rolex Submariner reference 5513 as a source for its military watch. There were only a few hundred of those watches issued which makes them quite rare and highly collectible. In a sense, it is limited edition watch which is an unusual item for Rolex to produce. This particular military submariner is an incredible example with all the correct features including Bexley paperwork and Rolex service papers.

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Watch Dealer's Survey - If You Were a Watch

June 28, 2016

Robert Ramos

Follow along with us at Matthew Bain, Inc. as we take a survey of the international watch community and the timepieces they love most.

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Geneva Watch Auction Experience - Part 2

May 27, 2016

Geneva's auction season is the pinnacle of watch collecting. They say that the true pulse of the vintage watch market is measured on weekends like this one. The stage was set for quite a show. Starting off with Sotheby's and Phillip's on Saturday, Antiquorum and Phillip's on Sunday, and finally Christie's on Monday. Follow us through a tour of the auction experience.

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2016 Geneva Watch Auction Experience - Part 1

May 20, 2016

Join us for a journey through the spring auction season in Geneva. We will provide insight on how to capitalize on the preview experience, discuss current market trends, and explore the auction process. We will also introduce some of the most important dealers in the international watch community.

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2016 Geneva Auction Preview: My Favorite Picks

May 11, 2016

Getting ready for an auction trip to Geneva where there are 5 major auctions this weekend including a Phillips theme sale of 88 epic stainless steel chronographs. Check out some of my favorite lots in the upcoming sales.

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Grail Watch: Patek Philippe Ref 1518 Perpetual Chronograph

May 09, 2016

Patek Philippe perpetual chronograph ref 1518The Perpetual Chronograph by Patek Philippe, reference 1518 was introduced in the 1940s. The one pictured here is a later version from the 1950s with the Patek Philippe only signature on the dial. The Patek Philippe reference 1518 one of my favorite perpetual calendars produced due to the simplicity of the case, the complication and beauty of the dial.

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Grail Watch: 1969 Rolex Daytona Ref. 6264

April 11, 2016

Rolex Daytona reference 6264Considered one of the rarest reference Daytona models ever produced, the Rolex Daytona reference 6264 was a transitonal model made for only one year, 1969. The watch on the left is the "Lemon Paul Newman" and on the right is an extremely rare variation known as the "Cherry Logo" (an example is described in Pucci Papaleo's 'Ultimate Rolex Daytona' book on page 300.)

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How the Times Change

March 23, 2016

Last week I was invited to give a lecture on vintage watches at the Boca Museum of Art in Boca Raton, Florida in front of their professional advisory board. It was a great event and my lecture focused on how technology and fashion has affected the value of vintage watches. Check out pictures from the event.

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1950's Panerai Marina Miltare ref 6152-1

February 20, 2016

1905s vintage panerai marina miltare 6152-1This an incredible example of a 1950's Panerai Marina Miltare ref 6152-1 which was produced for the Italian Royal Navy. This Panerai watch is extremely rare and approximately only 100 are known to the market. The case and the movement are signed by Rolex as Panerai contracted Rolex to make these watches. The case features the crown protecter and the rare military markings

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Watch Buying at the 2016 Miami Beach Antique Show

February 06, 2016

I've exhibited at the Miami Beach Antique Show since 1991, because it's always a great venue for buying and selling watches. Dealers and collectors come from all over the world just to attend this show.

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Rare Patek Philippe Ref 2499, Fourth Series

February 01, 2016

Patek Philippe reference 2499, Fourth SeriesThis is an exceptional example of a Patek Philippe reference 2499 from the 1980s which is considered the last or fourth series of the 2499 model. The 2499 is one of the most desired and iconic models ever produced by Patek Philippe. The fourth series 2499 was the least produced model among the other three series. Collectors are highly attracted to this model due to

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The Auction Experience - Christie's New York City

December 19, 2015

A large part of Matthew's job involves him attending watch auctions all over the world. On December 15, 2016, Christie's held an Omega Speedmaster themed auction in NYC to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ed White's space walk. Christie's also held a Rare Watch & Important Discoveries auction the following day which had some great finds. Since the Omega Speedmaster is one of Matthew's favorite models, he thought what a great reason to travel up to New York and partake in the sale! Join us for a photo essay of Matthew's experience at both of these auctions.

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Rare Universal Geneve Chronograph

November 24, 2015

Universal Geneve chronographThis extremely rare Universal Geneve split second chronograph is one of the most coveted Universal Geneve watches ever produced. Only a few of these models have ever showed up for sale. Sold by the Rome retailer, A. Cairelli, this chronograph features a 24 hour dial

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1971 Rolex Paul Newman Ref. 6262

October 30, 2015

1971 Rolex Paul Newman Ref. 6262This is a rare variation of the Rolex "Paul Newman" Daytona from 1971. It is the reference 6262 which was the successor of the common reference 6239 Paul Newman. What makes this Rolex Paul Newman a grail watch is

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Rare Rolex James Bond Ref. 6536

October 08, 2015

Rare Rolex James Bond Ref. 6536 SubmarinerThis week we were lucky enough to find the elusive Rolex Submariner reference 6536, an extremely rare James Bond variation. It is said approximately 100 pieces were produced and only for 1 year, 1955. What makes this watch unique is

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Grail Watch: Rolex GMT Master 6542

September 25, 2015

Rolex GMT Master reference 6542Today I found the best Rolex GMT reference 6542 I have ever seen. The reference 6542 is the first GMT Master ever produced. It featured a Bakelite bezel which is very fragile and rarely survived. I purchased the watch from the the son of the original owner who kept it in a lead case since 1960 because he was scared of the radioactivity of the watch.

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Grail Watch: Patek Philippe Ref. 2526

September 18, 2015

Patek Philippe reference 2526The Patek Philippe reference 2526, first manufactured in 1953, is one of the most iconic time only Patek Philippe watches ever produced. The 2526 reference is one of the very first automatic watches made by the company and is powered by Patek's caliber 12-600. The 2526 is also highly sought after by collectors for its porcelain dial which is very rare compared to the typical dials produced in metal.

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Smart Play: Patek Calatrava

September 11, 2015

1960s Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref 3466 and 3483When vintage Patek Philippe collecting started to become popular in the 1980s collectors favored precious metal watches such as 18k and platinum. What they did not realize at the time was that stainless steel watches were a lot more rare than precious metal watches, and the collectors started seeking steel Patek Philippe.

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Grail Rolex Daytona Paul Newman Ref. 6263

September 04, 2015

Rolex Daytona Paul Newman 6263This is a grail Rolex Daytona Paul Newman reference 6263 from the early 1970s. The 6263 model Paul Newman with the screw down pushers is a very rare model especially compared to a Paul Newman with pump pushers like the references 6239 and 6241. This Rolex watch is known as the "Panda" due to the black and white color of the dial and is highly sought after by Daytona collectors…

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Universal Genève Aero Compax

June 18, 2015

ythThis is mint and rare example of a Universal Genève Aero Compax chronograph from the 1960s with the Venus caliber 178 movement.

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